Code Of Conduct

The code of conduct program consists of disciplinary guidelines set up to help the Tampa Elite Sports Academy staff ensure a safe and productive environment for our participants.
The code of conduct encourages and rewards positive behavior. The rewards should reflect the level and consistency of appropriate behavior displayed by our participants. When this type of behavior is rewarded on our areas, the incidents will be communicated to the parents as it is a reflection on them as well. Consistently practicing these types of behavior will greatly increase your children’s chances of having an enjoyable experience on our playgrounds.
Parents, please see Director if you have any concerns with how the Code of Conduct is being applied to your child. If so, ask about our appeal process.
“Kid of the week” coupon, certificate, t-shirt

“Kid of the month” –field trip, pizza party

“Participant of the month” certificate

“Coaches helper of the day”

More game room time

Positive reinforcement to parents


The types of encouraged behavior include, but are not limited to:

Being a good listener

Following instructions

Being helpful

Practicing politeness

Being unselfish

Participating in all activities

Exhibiting responsibility

Being friendly

Displaying good sportsmanship


1st occurrence -A thank you from staff
2nd occurrence – A kind word to the Child’s parents
3rd occurrence – Possible kid of the week
4th occurrence- A possibility of extra privileges



This code of conduct program is divided into four disciplinary groups to reflect the degrees of severity of misconduct. The disciplinary measures shall include replacement costs of any vandalized equipment or facility. Discipline decisions will take into consideration any past records on the participant from the beginning of the summer program to the beginning of the next summer program. Each participant will be considered individually in light of all available facts. All individuals will be expected to follow the rules.

All suspensions should be communicated by a staff member to the Director.

Any concerns a staff member may have with a participant’s behavior must be communicated to a parent or legal guardian as soon as possible, preferably when the parent picks up the child that day. If the Parent does not pick the child up, both telephonic and written contact must be made with a parent or guardian.

If, upon a telephonic or written request, the parent or guardian fails to contact us to discuss the participant’s behavior, then an automatic suspension will take place within the next two days.

Refusal to abide by disciplinary guidelines in Groups 1-3 will result in an automatic suspension.


GROUP I The types of prohibited actions include, but are not limited to:

Being in the office or building without permission.

Misuse of any equipment which includes throwing any equipment, kicking balls against fences, children standing on swings, hitting box hockey sticks against tress, etc.

Parking bicycles in unauthorized areas.

Running in buildings, or on bleachers, benches or shelters.

Sitting on tables

Skateboarding on sidewalks

Disturbing classes in progress

Unauthorized use of telephone.

Not following directions.


1St Occurrence – Verbal counseling with the participants.
2nd Occurrence – Verbal counseling with 15 minutes time-out or community service, talk to parents.
3rd Occurrence – Thirty minutes of community service, time-out, and talk to parents.
4th Occurrence – One day suspension.
5th Occurrence – Two day suspension.
6th Occurrence – Three day suspension.
GROUP II- The types of prohibited actions include, but are not limited to:

Climbing on trees, fences, and boundary walls.

Engaging in scuffling, kicking, wrestling, pushing others in line or at the water fountain or similar types of disorderly conduct.

Refusing to follow directions as given by a staff person or volunteer.

Violating a safety rule or practice, i.e. throwing rocks, being in a restricted area, and jumping.

Name calling, cursing or using foul language on areas.

Wandering from groups and activities and in areas not properly supervised.


Acts of cruelty i.e. acts against insects, reptiles and birds.

Racial slurs, obscene gestures (6-8 year olds).


1ST Occurance – Verbal counseling, talk to parent, and 30 minutes time-out.
2nd Occurance – One day suspension.
3rd Occurrence – One week suspension.
4th Occurance – Two weeks suspension.
5th Occurrence – One month suspension.
6th Occurrence – Three months suspension.
7th Occurrence – Six months suspension.
GROUP III – The types of prohibited actions include, but are not limited to:

Being disrespectful or using abusive language or cursing at staff or volunteer.

Threatening, intimidating or bullying other participates and staff.

Provoking or instigating fight or fighting at anytime at Tampa Elite Sports Academy property or at T.E.S.A events, i.e. pulling participant’s pants down or putting another child in an embarrassing situation.

Deliberately stealing, misusing, destroying, or damaging another participant’s property.

Vandalism, i.e. putting rolls of toilet paper in commodes, defacing walls, deliberately breaking bottles, breaking concrete blocks, climbing on buildings, etc.

Indecent exposure, i.e. mooning, urinating in public on bathroom walls or floors.

Deliberately spitting on another participant and/or biting another participant.

Smoking or using tobacco products (if under 18 years of age).

Deliberately intimately putting hands on another person.

Leaving the area without permission.

Using racial slurs or obscene gestures (9 years old and up).

Pulling the fire alarms.


1ST Occurrence – Parent notification and one week suspension.
2nd Occurrence – One month suspension.
3rd Occurrence – Three month suspension.
5th Occurrence – Six months suspension.
6th Occurrence – One year suspension.
GROUP IV – The types of prohibited actions include, but are not limited to:

Theft or removal of Tampa Elite Sports Academy without proper authorizations.

Possessing narcotics or intoxicants or being under the influence.

Weapons are not allowed on T.E.SA. property. A participant or visitor shall not possess, handle or transport weapons. Participants or visitors violating this policy are subject to suspension, expulsion, and/or arrest. Weapons include: guns, knives, dirks, razor blades, ice picks, explosives, chains, pipes, brass knuckles, billy clubs, nunchaku,, Chinese stars, mace, tear gas or any mixture of chemicals used as a weapon, dangerous instruments, toy guns, or anything that resembles or could be considered by Tampa Elite Sports Academy to be a weapon.

Provoking or instigating a riot.

Acts of violence against humans or animals.

Making false 911 calls.


A Group IV violation will result in a immediate suspension of a duration to be determined by the Director. Because many of the actions border on or are a criminal, the proper authorities may be called in to take further action. Tampa Elite Sports Academy will pursue all appropriate remedies for any and all damages to T.E.S.A.’S OWNED property, facility and equipment. The Director or the designee is responsible for disciplines and determines the level of offense and its appropriate consequences.

Time- out should take place within their age group in a safe, designated area in sight of staff that placed the child in time-out.

A suspended participant will be denied involvement at Tampa Elite Sports Academy.

Violation of such suspension by coming to Tampa Elite Sports Academy property may result in additional suspension time and/or will be considered a trespassing and handled accordingly.

Disciplinary action regarding adults fighting will be handled by the sheriff’s department. Extenuating circumstances will be handled accordingly.

Any other behavior problems that are of a more private nature will result in an immediate meeting with parents and staff to discuss solutions.

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